October 21-22, 2016

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum | Chicago, IL

2016 Featured Keynote Speakers


Dr. Barry Prizant, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Author of Uniquely Human – A Different Way of Seeing Autism

Dr. Barry Prizant has more than 40 years experience as a scholar, researcher and international consultant for individuals with autism, and emotional and behavioral disabilities and their families.  Barry is an Adjunct Professor, Brown University, and Director of Childhood Communication Services, a private practice.  Formerly, he was an Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry in the Brown University School of Medicine, and tenured Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Emerson College, Boston and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.


john robinson author

John Elder Robison

Author, Look Me in the Eye and Switched On

John Elder Robison New York Times Best-Selling Author, Look Me in the Eye and Switched OnListen to Robison on NPR’s Fresh Air.

John Elder Robison grew up with Asperger’s Syndrome, and was undiagnosed until the age of 40. He nevertheless lived an incredible life. In his new bookSwitched On, he describes how a powerful brain therapy has allowed him to sense others’ feelings, and claim a newfound emotional intelligence. A leading voice on autism, he implores audiences to find strengths where others see weaknesses.

George McCloskey Ph.D

Director of School Psychology Research, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

George McCloskey, Ph.D., is a Professor and Director of School Psychology Research in the Psychology Department of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and holds Diplomate status with the American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology.  Dr. McCloskey is the lead author of the books Assessment and Intervention for Executive Function Difficulties andEssentials of Executive Functions Assessment and his most recent writing on interventions for executive function and executive skills difficulties appears in Chapter 10 of the book Essentials of Planning, Selecting, and Tailoring Interventions for Unique Learners.  He also is the author of theMcCloskey Executive Functions Scales (MEFS) available fall 2015 from Schoolhouse Press.

Rosemary White

Occupational Therapist, Profectum Foundation Faculty

Rosemary White has been an Occupational Therapist since 1972 and brings a wealth of clinical experience to every workshop she teaches throughout the United States and internationally in Canada, Europe, South Africa, Uganda and Australia. Rosemary is a true clinician’s clinician! Rosemary received her Neurodevelopmental Therapy training in London with the Bobaths, her Sensory Integrative Therapy training in Los Angeles with Dr. A Jean Ayres and her training in the DIR/Floortime model with Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder, Ph.D. and the Faculty of ICDL. She currently owns and operates Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapy Services in Seattle, Washington.




oin us for the 2016 National Pediatric Developmental Differences Forum (NPDDF), Connecting the Dots, in Chicago, Illinois. Learn from an impressive collection of speakers and hear about the cutting-edge current interventions for children with developmental disabilities, as well as what future supports are on the horizon.

The mission of the NPDDF is to raise awareness, communication and utilization of relationship-based therapeutic models with children challenged by developmental differences. Participants will join colleagues from the following disciplines:


Pediatric Medicine

Occupational Therapy

Speech Language Pathology

Social Work


Participants can expect to gather knowledge from keynote speakers and in breakout sessions to better understand how evidence-based research and information gathered through case studies are proving the efficacy of relationship-based therapies in the development of children with developmental differences.

If you are a professional working with or a parent of a child with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder or Executive Functioning Challenges, this conference must not be missed!

More information on our keynote and breakout session topics and speakers is coming soon.  Participants attending will gain knowledge about::

  • How developmental relationship-based therapies impact intervention and a child’s individual developmental progress
  • The DIR-FCD Model
  • Practical applications for clinic, home and school
  • What the future holds for adults with developmental challenges
  • Research and efficacy-based interventions for children with developmental differences
  • How to tailor interactions and strategies based upon individual sensory-motor profiles
  • Executive functions of the brain and strategies for home and school to assist with challenges

A “Certificate of Attendance” will be issued for all attendees.  Continuing Education credits will be available for a variety of disciplines.  ISHA will be providing Speech and Language Pathology credits, ILOTA will be providing Occupational Therapy credits, and West 40 will be providing credits for Educators. Additional information will be shared soon.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Attention PARENTS: If you require financial assistance to attend the NPDDF, funds may be available through the Consumer Stipend program. It is funded by the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities administered by The Arc of Illinois. Here is the link for more information: http://www.thearcofil.org/consumer-involvement-program-consumer-stipend-funds/.